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26. November 2015

Oh my God guys, it is almost December! Where has the whole year gone? It seems like I only blinked and Santa Clause and his reindeers are almost on their way to us. And the last weekend the first snow fell here in Germany… Well, whether you are ready for the upcoming festivities or not the “gift” season has almost arrived.

I am really a huge fan of picking the gifts for my family and friends! Ok, being strongly involved into the whole world of fashion I love to treat myself and my beloved ones with new pieces whole year round but Christmas gifts are just made to be special ones!

I’ve always been a firm believer that nothing is more beautiful than receiving awesome jewelry pieces from the special people. And no, I’m not only referring to your partners or hubbies but also your sisters, brothers, moms, dads, grandmas … My favorite jewelry items are those that are very emotive, personal and somehow special for me, like for instance my very first golden ring which has a line engraved on the inside. At the moment I am personally mesmerized by the original jewelry from UNO de 50. I discovered that Spanish brand months ago during my best friend birthday. For instance their new line in gold offers various pieces in surprising combinations with Swarovski crystals in smoky grey as well as some smaller designs that follow this season’s trends. I really love the perfect tandem of avant-garde and rebelliousness. These pieces are just beyond gorgeous and just scream “ This is a perfect gift, because I just want to do something special to say a big thank you for your support, love and being here for me always when I need you! I love you to the moon and back!” I tend to gift a lovely fashionable silver necklace for my lil sis, but don’t want to write all the details in this post 😉 not to spoil the surprise. I’m really excited about my choice and I’ve created an edit below of a few of my favorite pieces to inspire you guys.

Also for a perfect match with the awesome jewelry here is a lovely destination for some festive hairstyle inspirations!



/Jewelry Pictures by UNO de 50/


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