15. October 2019

YOU GUYS!!! Hope you are all doing best! If you are following along on Instagram you must have seen my recent travel to Moscow. It was a real blast. I had a chance to explore this beautiful city and my family came over to meet us their. I think I’ll dedicate the whole post to some Moscow views but today I am so excited to share my “Moscow-closet” with you! I feel like the pieces are very me. They are all classy and timeless and I purchased them all in one place – Femme Luxe Finery! Femme Luxe Finery

offers those pieces that I love to mix in to my wardrobe. They are such fancy pieces and provide that variety and difference to my wardrobe that I love! They keep it fresh and fun! Femme Luxe Finery offers leading trends at the most affordable prices, on a global scale, with new styles published every week they are smashing prices internationally. You can also check out their mini dresses , midi dresses ,co-ords, lounge wear sets and ribbed lounge wear sets if you are looking for something chic for fall. I felt like these designs perfectly represented the spirit of the city with all the amazing and really gorgeous historical places we visited there. I linked all the pieces in case you would like to see more or shop them. I am so so so in love with the shots and hope you enjoy them too! Wishing you the best week, hugs and blessings!

Polka Dot Dress
White Maxi Dress
One Shoulder Blazer
White Maxi Dress
Black Loungewear Set Maria
Polka Dot Dress

Pictures by Skinnycature // * In Collaboration with Femmeluxefinery

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