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24. July 2014

The absolute highlight of my MBFW visit was meeting incredible Papis Loveday for a short interview. Papis is always on, on and on but what is he like when the bright lights are off?!

Here is my short insight into Papis-Person and his vision about the future of his brand.

Meeting him on the booth of Loveday Jeans was a great pleasure. There were literally seas of people and cameras, fashion TV, amazing installation and even Loveday Champagne. Nevertheless he kindly found time to answer some of my questions speaking about his very first design “coated jeans” and his ambition to “create what people are looking for but even overcome their expectations!”

I was completely blown away by his professionalism and easy-going manner at the same time.

My first question was about the challenges, trickiest part of the designing process and the strategies to overcome them:

–          To face the reality and try to predict the trends. Not to create expected stuff but to surprise and to do more than everyone expecting from you!

His description of the new line and what makes it unique in only a couple of worlds:

–          Casual, outstanding, innovative, 80inspired and high qualitative.

I went on with: How do you keep up with the trends and what has always been your inspiration?

–          It is like moving in tight spaces alongside tones of people around you making the same stuff. But my main motivation is outstanding and seeing people liking what I do.

Utterly stylish and rebellious he also spoke about seeing Rihanna rocking his creations one day (or maybe pretty soon?).

The denim range isn’t the limit for Papis. The future plans involve setting new lines: tees, bags, shoes and of course GOING GLOBAL! But one significant wish is to create his own African Collection going back to his roots. Papis is passionate about his native country and has a deep spiritual connection to it. I love the fact that he really cares and is into charity. For him it isn’t an outcome of any marketing strategy. It is his personal decision to support Senegal and some other African countries with donations:

–          When people purchase 1 Loveday jeans a certain amount goes to UNESCO and enables new projects.

He describes himself as “very emotional, sensitive, family person” while his other side is “extravagant, cheerful and vibrant”.

His charisma and proper attitude belts the whole Loveday team tight. It is all about collaboration and trust and these guys really do their best and they do it great! <3<3<3












/Pictures by Skinnycature/


/Instainspiration by @lovedayjeans/


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  • Reply Celia 24. July 2014 at 8:26

    MBFW, it sounds amazing!

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    Great experience.. this is a fantastic post!!

  • Reply Laura C. 24. July 2014 at 10:57

    WOW!, what an honour to interview him, thanks for sharing this amazing experience with us.
    Laura. xx

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    Un Post genial, me ha encantado:)

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    Great experience and interview! 🙂


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    So cool ITW


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    How cool, very inspiring!!

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    I want the jeans how cool.

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    Muy interesante y una buena experiencia! Genial

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    Wow great interview. The jeans looks so rad <3

    xx Mira

  • Reply alimackin2013 25. July 2014 at 13:17

    Wow what great jeans! And awesome interview and photos, love that some of the proceeds go to a good cause. Will have to keep my eye out for his jeans for sure!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    • Reply skinnycature 25. July 2014 at 13:23

      Thank you Allie, they are really amazing! Have a great Weekend!

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    unas fotos geniales me encantan.Un besazo

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    Great denims, he looks like a handsome man 😉


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    Great denims. He looks like a handsome man 😉


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