23. December 2013


Hello my lovely sweeties! Finally I am fit enough to shoot again and I am so hgappy about it! The whole week of staying in bed wasn’t really much fun and was pretty challenging for such a workaholic as I am ;-P

While shooting this outfit yesterday the Mother Nature was absolutely supportive and we had marvelous weather! I don’t know why but it is almost each year that we have over 10 °C above zero (and last year it were increadible 19°C!!!) instead of snow and blistering cold! Anyway we are so happy about it as we have a chance to make better shots!

The terrible thing is that I don’t have all the presents for the comming Christmas celebration and that is going to be my MISSION POSSIBLE 😉 for today to find some beautiful gifts for some of my family members! Speaking about comming Christmas and of course about the gifts … It is fantastic to know that my blog is appreciated by my lovely readers and Fashion Communities… We were so happy to get to know that Skinnycature has been awarded a “Blogger We Love” from the ASOS Fashion Finder for my style. THANK YOU LOADS! But the Christmas surprises are not over! I was so pleased about beautiful gifts I received from lovely WalG team! On these shots I am wearing a wrap coat from their new collection – awesome & stylish! Thank you guys so much. I love such statement pieces that make you feel confident and good looking during the day. I kept it very ladylike this time and I enjoyed the result. Actually I wasn’t a real fan of over the knee booties but I gave it a try and I must say they look very eye-catching!

Well now I am so ready to get everything ready for Christmas and I wish you all great time with your families and friends and have a wonderful day guys! Stay tuned for a new post on Wednesday.

Much love

<3 Lena







/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/

COAT: WalG (shop here)

BLOUSE: Sammydress (shop here)

SKIRT: ZARA (similar here)

OVER-THE-KNEE-BOOTIES: 5th Avenue (similar here)

GLOVES: H&M (similar here and here)

BAG: VF (similar here)


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