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20. October 2016

Hey guys today I’m super excited to partner with Boohoo to share my personal city insight and the best Boohoo look for my city from their latest collection! Shopping isn’t the only thing you do in Stuttgart – it’s a state of mind that describes this vibrant and modern city. The best three words that describe it are – ever-changing, vibrant and unpredictable. It develops in a quick pace and that is why I love living here! And of course as Stuttgart proves time and time again this city is the dominant force in the automotive world.
There are numerous must stop shops, restaurants and museums you need to add to your bucket list and Boohoo can help you to pick what to wear to each location.
I wanted to share my roundup of some of my favorite must see. Some highlights include the famous State Theatre, the Opera House, the large State Gallery, the Museum of Natural History and the Weißenhof settlement.
Visitors can discover over 125 years of automobile history at Mercedes-Benz & Porsche Museums, enjoy the world-famous Ballet of Stuttgart or celebrate at Stuttgart’s beer festival, which is the second largest one after Munich, or soak up the marvelous atmosphere at the Christmas market.
As I am a huge sucker for modern architecture I can suggest you to visit three Museums which are super impressive: the Art Museum Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz & Porsche Museums which you can see on the shot below.
But nothing can compare with the historical heart of the city with its old buildings and curvy narrow stone pavement. Hope you enjoy my Boohoo look for Stuttgart as it is contemporary, trendy and comfy! And if you guys like it see the details including links at the end of this post!
Also when traveling to Stuttgart, weekend trips are a must-do with loads to explore!








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