24. March 2018

Confession guys – it’s been ages since I’ve shot and posted a proper stylish outfit here. With mom duty, young toddler girl, and really hectic schedule, days and sometimes even weeks go by without a proper awesome shooting. There have been plenty of play-date outfit ideas recently on the blog, but those inevitably revolve around my tiny human. So I was so ready for an adult look, giving you the dress idea of a super cool wool suit! Wool suits are trending right now so you guys have to pay attention to purchasing one of an excellent quality that will serve you on repeat for years. My love affair with amazing wool goes beyond just coats. And I really wanted to have a unique wool suit for my wardrobe – a sophisticated and fashionable, with some playful elements like awesome buttons, while still remaining minimalist.

Honestly speaking I feel like pregnancy has ruined me a bit when it comes to pants. I’ve actually been a skinny pants type until I gave birth! Well, I still occasionally wear them but real talk… I realize that skinny pants don’t fit me like they used to. Even if I didn’t gain the weight during my pregnancy I felt like I needed to address this important message here – my body is not the same anymore. So the best solution and something I love and am finding myself incorporating more and more into my wardrobe are carrot fit pants. It was not easy to find a great suit due to all my requirements online so I decided to purchase wool of the outstanding quality online and order a tailor-made suit by our local tailor.

I love natural materials and wool fabric is a type of cloth made with application of animal hair for retaining body heat. It has always been one of the most expensive materials with exclusive properties. The luxury of wool is still perceived as the sign of high social status. Wool is renowned for its warmth and crease resistance, as well as moisture absorbing properties. Researching on the web I found out amazing facts about wool. Have you guys ever heard that one of the most valued types of luxury wool is worsted merino wool from Australia and New Zealand?  And one of the key factors that determine the quality of luxury wool is the diameter of its fiber!!! The smaller the fiber, the softer and lighter the yarn.

You might think that high quality wool is just a tad out of your price range. But as luck would have it, Tissura offers the collection of luxurious wool at reasonable prices. You guys know, I was in heaven shopping myself! I think I was scrolling through the collection online for good two hours, putting every single item into my cart and then back out. But look at the result babes! Hope you like it as much as I do. So order online before everything is gone, haha! Because Tissura’s wool collection is just THAT good.








 /Pictures by Skinnycature/

*In Collaboration with Tissura



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