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3. November 2016

Since blogging has become the essential part of my life I really enjoy styling different looks for fashion weeks or a photo shoot. But at this stage of my life I must say that I am so looking forward to meet my baby girl and to be styling my own daughter! For sure I will have so much fun dressing her up in awesome little outfits. And I love the idea being a fashion forward mom dressing up my real angel like a real-life doll!
But the first thing I learnt during my blogging-years is – no matter where you live, how big your house is or how many rooms you have, you will simply run out of closet space! The only key to have enough storage spaces and to make them work best is to organize them. Since I wrote about the changing table organization for my angel I’ve been asked fairly often to open up about her wardrobe organization tips and tricks and about some fashion advices.
Well, talking about baby’s wardrobe can take hours but I tried to squeeze my essential tips into one post for all those who have been inquisitive.
CLOSET CHOICE is of course the most important and the hardest decision you have to make. I wanted to invest in stylish and timeless design with the outstanding quality and perfect layout for hangers, boxes, small parts organizers and baby accessories. Being a huge fan of Polini Furniture (see my post here) I had a clear vision of how my baby’s closet should look like. And luckily they offer enough models that fit the nursery’s design best I chose their Polini Classic wardrobe in white-macchiato colors. I really love its contemporary finish and super practical layout. It is a three-sectioned wardrobe – two sections with doors are equipped with 5 shelves and a clothes rail, and the central part has 3 open niches and 3 drawers. The product is made of premium quality materials and fittings; this means it will serve you much longer even when your baby is a toddler.
GETTING STARTED ORGANISING THE CLOSET For some of you it may sound a little over the top but I’m a huge advocate for using all the same hangers. I just think first it looks neater and second it helps to save space because the hangers all fit together in form and size. I purchased several packs of hangers in gold metal and I’m extremely happy with them. Not only they look super chic the clothing never-ever slips off and they have a very space-saving form. I also use hanging dividers currently only to separate the sizes like newborn, up to 3 months and 6 to 9 months for all type of clothing. But you can get really creative separating the baby stuff into for instance week days, colors, play clothes vs. dress up clothes, seasonal clothing etc. The main purpose of this system is to make sure you can easily find what you are looking for.
ORGANISING HACKS I have also tried to compile a sort list of some great organizing hacks for your baby’s closet that will help you to save space and time.
• Invest in writeable tags
• Use cut PVC for storing small things (leggings, shirts etc.)
• Double your closet space instantly by using soda can tabs to hook hangers together
• Add-on skirt and pant hangers allow you to waterfall clothes and save space
• Love your baby’s pretty shoes? Display them!
• As you’re getting rid of clothes, label different boxes for different potential locations (donate, gift, sell etc.)
BABY STYLING TIPS And last but not least here are some of my favorite styling tips while dressing your awesome baby girl:
• Dressing your little lady comfy doesn’t mean “pajama style”!
• Be brave to play with colors and patterns
• Think outside the box and check out also boy’s section for cute stuff
• Play with cute accessories like headbands, bandanas, baby sunnies etc.
• Think big – it is always smart to buy a tiny bit bigger clothes – a bit oversize looks cool!
















/Pictures & Video by Skinnycature/

*In Collaboration with Polini Kids

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