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7. May 2018

Hello loves! Good day and I hope this finds each of you happy and doing great. Today I wanted to encourage you all, and especially moms, to take time to take care of yourself and glam up a bit! As a mom of a little toddler girl I know how hectic and chaotic life pace can be. I can only imagine how busy other moms of siblings are! BUT it is super essential to put some “me-myself-&-I” time into your daily routine to stay in balance.
I actually don’t want to talk about one special product or even a brand as there are so many skin types and climatic zones my readers come from. And you all have various needs for a balanced skincare. My big focus when it comes to taking care of myself and my skin is using natural products. In particular, I love vegan skincare for the face. Of course there are some favourite lines I swear by, and if you like you can check them out here in my fave drugstore Shop Apotheke.
As women we constantly put pressure on ourselves to look our best… We purchase so much stuff like cosmetics, accessories, awesome shoes, clothes… But I believe that real glow starts with the face, right? Growing older made me re-think the quality of products I use and that the most important thing is to help your skin look best and not only cover up spots and blemish.
My most important products are daily vegan moisturizes which I take with me anywhere I go. They keep my skin moisturized during the day, protect me from getting wrinkles and also have antioxidants and good vitamins to make sure my skin is getting some nutrients. I have them literally in all my purses, one in my car and in my diaper bag. Now you see that Skincare is such a big passion of mine, LOL!
Tell me more about your fave products or product brands to check them out! Wishing you all the best day and sending you the best vibes only!









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