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9. September 2015

Morning sweethearts! For today’s post, I have something extra special to take into the day with you! But first let’s face the question what’s a girl’s closet without shoes… without great shoes? And bang!!! We’re already at todays topic – shoes. Very simple yet incredibly versatile objects! Shoes follow us wherever we go, despite they always manage to surprise us again and again with the creativity one can put in or out of them. Do you know this prominent quote that “good shoes bring you to good places”? I just freak out imagining this world without the versatile SHOE-BEING… STOP! Only one thought of shoes brings me at the forefront of an entirely different realm of fashion! And I feel almost as if the pearly white gates of heaven open before me and the options of shoes become endless! WAIT! Have I just really said the word Heaven?! What about the TRUTH? Shoeheaven dreams get stale. The same spurious headlines run through my head “Cinderella shoes” or “The most comfy heels ever”. And I could peruse the aisles of imaginary shoe stores for hours looking for something really fresh and inspiring, looking for “great shoes”. And I got the KEY! In my head I saw this…In big bold letters I read – “Great shoes are sins related”. And I liked this, I swear I really liked this. Great shoes are sinfully expensive, sinfully sexy… we get sinfully envy if we don’t get shoes someone else can afford, we get sinfully greedy hitting the sales (do you know this: “Wait I wear 39 but 38,5 will also go well if I wear this pair a couple of times, it is leather… Or 40 is also fine, just need some good pads ;-). Or don’t we get sinfully proud wearing new Loboutins?!
Does the mission of great shoes is rooted in 7 deadly sins?! Or do I exaggerate? Do most women have a slight {unhealthy} obsession with SHOES?! Well, that is what men probably think 😉 WAIT before you answer and try to count how many pairs do you have in your (walk-in)-closet. I even can’t help but snoop around for that perfect pair of sinfully expensive shoes on the web while writing this…! Am I a shoe-sinner?!

This is Skinnycature’s application for SHOE STEP OF THE YEAR 2015 AWARD… Fingers crossed 😉















/Pictures by Skinnycature/


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