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25. May 2014

I can’t believe summer is almost here! I am so excited I have led the clense with Frank Juice so I got ready to enjoy the season! And I am also happy with my new shape now while staying in Abu Dhabi…

So if you’re embarking on a healthy eating, a thorough cleanse and detox will definitely help you to get into the mood of your new plan and will prepare your body for the nutrients and good food that will comprise your healthy, great new lifestyle! I tried the 3 day cleanse first. This three day cleanse is designed by Frank Juice to kickstart a healthy eating plan and cleanse your system.

Of course you might ask me why fresh (cold pressed) Frank juices?! Well they are whole beneficial to health on an everyday basis. During periods of detoxification and cleansing I enjoyed them as they allowed a more gentle digestive process, which leaves more energy for detoxification, cleansing, and regeneration than any other method I tried. It was not that difficult at all to conduct the cleanse. All the juices were thoroughly prepared. I had fruit-based juices during the day to help break down toxins in my body. And more vegetable-based juices containing more alkaline and minerals were prepared for afternoons and evenings to help regenerate my body and get it ready for rest.

I am very happy with the result and feel really great and much healthier now! For those of you who want to try them as well just check out here.








/Pictures by Tobias Wirth/

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  • Reply Patricia 25. May 2014 at 20:18

    Another beautiful photos with you 😉 Great post! 🙂

  • Reply Sandra Leiva 26. May 2014 at 15:13

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Reply mammaaltop 27. May 2014 at 13:15

    I would like to try Frank Juice, they look good..kiss

  • Reply andrea 29. May 2014 at 12:04

    gracias por los consejos!!! me encanta el post!!

    Te invito a visitar mi blog

  • Reply Diana Livia 2. June 2014 at 20:45

    Hello sweetie, nice pic:) i am doing detox to with homemade smoothie:) the summer is very near, yes:)

    • Reply skinnycature 3. June 2014 at 6:13

      Wish you good luck!It is very healthy 😉 Have a great week dear!

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