6. August 2018

Hey loves and happy Monday! It’s crazy hot here in Germany this week, like seriously, the best place to spend the day is definitely by the pool! So if you’re not about to swim – hide your kids, hide your pets, hide yourselves from the sun because it is hot-hot-hot! But I absolutely love this time of year and I think I could easily live without any cold season!
Summer seems to fly by in a blur! It is already August! And in the spirit of “tbt,” I am taking it back to Palermo where we spent our summer vacay (you might have seen the updates on my Insta if you follow for a while)! Better to say these shots are from the Mondello Beach. Gosh this place is just so beautiful. Every little detail is picture perfect!!
We stayed here once a couple of years ago and have been meaning to come back ever since. So here we go… It’s not super pricey and oh so worth it for a special getaway! Especially if you’re able to come with kids. You can be prepared to experience the best nature, cuisine and lots of relaxing in the most amazing setting.
The only thing you have to take care in advance is to book a car, ‘cauz it will take you more than an hour with public transport instead of approx. 20 min car drive to get there from the downtown of Palermo. And it is super cheap to do any bookings from your country comparing with the prices at the Airport. So I’d say it both money & time saving!
Enjoy the shots and hope to see you soon here! Huge thanks for your support and following along the way! Have a fantastic week!






/Pictures by Skinnycaure/

Location: Mondello Beach, Palermo, Italy



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    Dreamy place! 😉

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