4. July 2018

Sheesh this week flies by fast!!! I spent the first half of it mostly watching Chloè play on the new big playground for hours or rushing to music or sports classes with her. Had a girls night with my besties in-between. Had some shoots, attended my boxing class I’ve recently started and gonna keep you updated if it works for me. Watched some cute series till late hours. Nothing else too exciting! I did start reading a new book finally – I bought it like months ago and am finally getting around to it and I must admit I love it so far!!!
But let’s talk fashion a bit, right? Footwear has always been one of my favourite features (hello ladies out there!) and such a mood maker or breaker for me. If my shoes look good I feel so much more ready for my day and I definitely have a lot more confidence walking out the door. I find shoes that look great make so much more of a difference for me than wearing a lovely dress! It’s a kind of a trick that you pull out when you want a skip in your step. Here are my new babies from Palladium Boots. If you guys don’t know this brand you definitely have to check it out! I love the eye-catching yet comfy style and the color as well. Thea are so right for both dresses and sporty looks with a spin, aren’t they?!
I am wrapping up lots of work before we leave town Sunday for vacay in Palermo! I am soooooo excited to go, I really love this place. I love to be low key during my vacay aka fam time and try to stay off social media more than normal so if I am a little MIA then that is probably why! But I promise to upload pics and videos to my stories at the end of the day though still!








/Pictures by Skinnycature/

*In Collaboration with Palladium Boots

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