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21. November 2018

Hey sweethearts, may you all have a beautiful Wednesday! I am back on track with a great beauty topic again – LASHES!
I caught up with amazing lash stylist Elena Masumy from ELUMY to discuss how she got started in the industry, the triumphs and challenges that today’s lash stylists face, and the key to becoming a successful lash stylist – hint: it’s all about practice! Enjoy!!! (* Please note – no modifications on Q&A – original answers from lash stylist)

What led you to the beauty industry and what inspired you to get become an Eyelash Extension Specialist? How do you feel about having your own business doing lashes?

I was always interested in beauty at all. But the reason why I especially have chosen the Lashes for my work and own business, is because every woman is spending so much time in the bathroom in the morning doing makeup and especially the lashes are always the problem. I know this very well, I have tried so many things like different expensive mascaras, lashes you can fix with an adhesive for one day/evening etc. But every one of those options needs too much time, so I decided to make the world better in this area and help the woman save time in the morning or evening. Also it’s a good option to correct some irregularity in the face for example one bigger and smaller eye etc.

– What are some of the challenges a lash artist faces?

The different client types. Every client needs to be treated very individual. There are so many types of faces and nationalities, eye forms, or their own lashes were maybe grown unequally or you have to correct overhanging eyelids, so you have to do your best to make the client happy and satisfied.Furthermore it’s sometimes not so easy for the clients to understand that cheap doesn’t mean good. Many people are not willing to pay for quality. That’s also an everyday challenge.

– As a lash artist what are some of the things that inspire you?

I follow many interesting accounts on Instagram to stay actual and get there my Inspiration.

– Do you have a certain style you prefer or lean towards?

No, it’s everything very individual for every client.

– What sets you apart from other lash artists?

Every lash stylist is unique. They are incomparable to each other, because there are different working styles. One of my most important principles were definitive quality instead of quantity.

– What are some current lash trends that you are loving right now?

Well, there are some trends right now, like colored lashes. This can look very pretty, but I didn’t have a client yet, who wanted them. The classic black lashes were chosen most.

– So many women trust your aesthetic, how do you decide how long / thick someone’s lashes should be for example?

This depends on every woman itself. On the thickness of the own lashes, on the face type, the eye form and of course the clients wish.

– Do you have a lot of young women coming in trying to get lashes like models and celebrities on social media?

In my experience (actually I am more specialized on natural looks) not yet.

– Where can people follow you to see more of your work online?

My main account is on Instagram named elumy_official, I have also a page on Facebook named Elumy.

If you are guys interested to discover more about amazing lash extentions and Elena’s work follow her on her Insta! Speak soon & enjoy the week!









/Pictures by Skinnycature/

*In Collaboration with ELUMY by Elena Masumy

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