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1. August 2014

Hello my loves, it’s friday!!! And it is not over with good news today! I am finally so happy to introduce you my latest interview made with a great and successful bag designer (and an incredibly awesome bombshel!!!) Lili Radu. Her bags have already been in the best press ever such as VOGUE and InStyle but this is not a limit… Excited about Lili and her plans for the future?! Than this interview is for you all sweeties…

And of course the hottest news of the day – the collaboration between Lili Radu and Sarah Brandner with their amazing classy bag collection for real ladies! More over Lili & Sarah hosted an incredibly lovely Launch Event in Munich to speak personally about their creations! Don’t miss this collection out folks (check out here & here)!

And as always my interpretation with Lili Radu adorable piece… Enjoy…

What challenges as a designer did you face and how did you overcome them? What’s the trickiest part of the creation and production part for you?

Besides the daily challenges that every entrepreneur has to face, I will never forget when two weeks before the launch the hard drive of my computer broke down and all the data was gone, but this experience taught me that you have to breathe in and out, spend long hours at the Apple repair center and you need your best friends around. Trickiest about the production process is that every single Lili Radu product has to fulfill a perfect level of quality.

What was that first bag like? And how do you go now about designing your bags?

The first bag was a very simple and elegant laptop bag. The idea to market high-quality, fashionable yet functional leather goods was born when I was looking for a laptop bag that met my own criteria during my studies in Milan.

For the designing process I try to observe as much as I can. Nature, Architecture, Interior Design, Food, People – all these things have the following in common: they want to express something, are tangible and colorful. When the creation of a new collection is finished in my head and on paper, I fly to Istanbul, where every bag is handcrafted in a family-owned company. I am very involved in the production and go to Istanbul about eight times a year to do samples and quality checks.

In three words how would you describe your bag line and what makes it unique?

Elegant. Timeless. Functional. The brand essence is reflected in the selection of finest handcrafted materials coupled with dashing understatement. The colorful accessories are designed to accompany you for work as well as going out. The combination of function and style makes my products unique.

What has always been your inspiration for your designs and how do you keep up with the trends?

Sources of inspiration are everywhere! I’ve always admired Photographers for having this keen sense for the perfect shot. These people just see things many of us miss and grab hold of it with the tip of their index finger. For sure one of my main inspirations comes from travelling and exploring different countries and cultures and being open to learn something new every day. Besides creativity and style, I want to add something functional and practical to each bag. For example the wallet is designed to fit besides money, cards etc. also a cell phone. So there won’t be any more business lunches where you have to carry your whole bag around. I think these are the things that make women happy. Regarding new trends I always follow my own intuition and think about what I would expect and wish for in the new collection.

What keeps you motivated as designer and where do you see the future of your brand?

I am very enthusiastic about my designs. I use all of my products by myself, so I love to create something new, something unique that helps me and my customers to make everyday life more practical and colorful. This year I’ve started on the Japanese market and I’m looking forward to seeing Lili Radu in more countries worldwide in the future.

Who would you love to see in your bags?

If I had to choose… Hannah Herzsprung, the German actress 🙂

What would you say is the most special thing about Lili Radu?

The timeless elegance combined with functionality. Every product has to offer something special. For example a wallet has an additional value as a clutch or even as a handbag due to the fact that it keeps enough space for all your essentials including cell phone, money, cards and cosmetics.

Who is the Lili Radu woman?!

The picture that first comes to my mind is that of a successful and confident business woman wearing a two tone wallet during the day that she glams up with a keychain tassel to go out for drinks after work. But actually, my customers come in many shapes and sizes. It’s also young women who like the combination of fresh colors, students who want a stylish bag for their lap-tops or middle-aged people who value the supreme quality.

What projects are you currently working on, what’s in store for the future?

At the moment I’m collaborating with model and actress Sarah Brandner. We designed colorful clutches and elegant laptop bags together. For the future I already have a lot of ideas in mind, for sure very soon there will be new designs coming up. Needless to say: the journey will continue…










/Pictures by Tobias Wirth / First Picture by Lili Radu/

BAG: LILI RADU (shop here)


SKIRT: CHCWISH (shop here)


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