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18. October 2018

Hey guys, hope you are all doing great and enjoy your week so far. If you follow along on my Insta-stories you may have seen me documenting visiting the Dr.Aesthetik® Beauty Institute in Stuttgart downtown and getting HydraFacial! I have done it once now but already REALLY love the results of it, so I wanted to share a little bit more on this beauty palace and this special treatment on my blog.
I have been working with Dr.Boepple and colleagues at Dr.Aesthetik® Institute to find out more about their work, vision of beauty and modern non-surgical treatments. So I hope you enjoy this post and the Interview below as far as I do. And more over be prepared to learn more about the HydraFacial procedure in the Q&A.
But first let me introduce you to the Dr.Aesthetik® Institute for a start. This beauty palace has definitely set high standards in the field of aesthetic non-surgery & anti-aging medical treatments – encompassing exceptional quality, patient safety and latest techniques in a super stylish and relaxing environment.
Dr.Boepple himself has years of experience in the respective fields – this assures high quality and personalized services catering to the needs of each of his clients. The main focus of treatments is both restoring youthful features using anti-aging injections (Botox® and fillers) and balancing the features of patients’ younger faces (e.g. lip-fillers etc.)
The innovations in medical aesthetic non-surgical technologies have resulted in a market that is flooded with new products – all claiming to be the latest and greatest or the next big thing. Dr.Boepple and the team are very selective and use only the best, well-known, certified products to guarantee safe, beautiful results with almost no downtime. His ambitions are even to exceed any patient’s expectations. You might ask whether for instance fillers are safe… Sure every aesthetic treatment might carry some risks (even small ones) but for all of you who consider these kind of treatments Dr.Boepple advises following steps to ensure your personal safety and successful results:

– Do not opt for fillers at a beauty salon or worse – a private location like home or hotel room! Only allow a qualified, certified doctor at a reputable clinic to carry out the treatment.

– Always make sure to ask and see which product the doctor is using, and that it is taken from a new packaging in front of you.

– Always ask questions during your pre-treatment consultation, and let your doctor explain you all the details of the procedure, product options and results expected.

– Always inform yourself and do enough research, check reviews about doctors and clinics, be sure to see ‘before vs. after’ pictures of the patients.

– Make sure that the enzyme Hyaluronidase is available at the clinic to treat rare complications that might result after a treatment with hyaluronic fillers.

– Stick to the DOs and DON’Ts after the treatment for the most effective results.

Dr.Aesthetik® doesn’t cover a vast range of further beauty treatments like e.g. Laser Hair Removal just to concentrate on the treatments they are passionate about and to achieve results that were not previously possible.

Here is my short interview with Dr.Boepple. Enjoy…

Q:  So many people trust your aesthetic to make their faces beautiful… so, how do you quantify beauty? How do you decide how big someone’s lips should be for example?

Dr. Boepple: This is quite difficult to answer. Of course, you can measure and form the ideal symmetrical face, but is this face beautiful just because of ideal proportions and symmetry? I think beauty is subjective and is an individual combination of different factors, among these are symmetry, proportions, individual taste and sometimes also the cultural background. So, I always try to listen carefully do the patient what his definition of individual beauty is.

Q: Do you rate people in your head as you are walking down the street?

Dr. Boepple: I have to admit that this happens sometimes unintentionally. Usually I sign that I have been working too much but also that I love what I am doing.

Q: Do you have a lot of young women coming in trying to look like models and celebrities on social media?

Dr. Boepple: This happens sometimes and the only thing I am wondering about is the poor quality of the pictures they show me. No but honestly it is not too bad because the key in aesthetics is to find out what the patient wants from you. Pictures help to clarify how the desired result should be. Of course, it is also important to explain to the patient what is possible concerning their individual anatomic situation.

Q: What are the latest procedures that your clients are requesting?

Dr. Boepple: At the moment we mainly do treatments with hyaluronic acid of the lips, nose and cheek bones. Treatments of the frown lines with botulinum toxin and HydraFacials.

Q: What newest procedure do you consider to be a game changer?

Dr. Boepple: I think the whole non-invasive aesthetic medicine is a game changer. It is getting better and better with a very low risk if carried out by a medical professional. Today results can be achieved that could years ago only be achieved through surgery.

Q: What beauty trend have you seen over the course of your career that you wish would go away?

Dr. Boepple: The use of semi-permanent or permanent fillers due to the risks and results they can cause. Luckily, they are already disappearing.

Q: What is the one anti-aging myth you wish everyone would stop believing?

Dr. Boepple: That too much sun is good for your skin. Not really a myth but still many people think like this. We have a very interesting picture about skin aging due to intense UV radiation on our Instagram profile

Q: What are the easiest and the toughest issues to fix without surgery?

Dr. Boepple: It is very easy to enlarge the lips or to get rid of frown lines or crows feet. Compared to surgery it is difficult to do liftings of the lower part of the face.

Q: What’s the main piece of advice you’d give to women in their 20s and 30s to help halt ageing?

Dr. Boepple: Don’t smoke and be careful with the sun. Always use sunglasses, sun cream and eat healthy. Stay active and drink a lot of water. Clean your skin regularly and use a good skincare. Take care of your skin, you only have one. Little side note as I am a doctor specialized in aesthetic medicine, with the careful usage of botulinum toxin almost all wrinkles in the upper face can be avoided.

And if you are considering to get hydrofacialed 😉 this may be the Q&A for you:

What is HydraFacial and what does it treat?

To perform an HydraFacial a special device is used — the HydraFacial MD. This is a multi-step treatment to cleanse, exfoliate, and extract dead cells, blackheads and to enrich your skin with special serum infused with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. It’s mainly used to address the following concerns:

– Fine lines and wrinkles

– Dark spots& hyperpigmentation

– Clogged & enlarged pores

– Mild acne& oily skin

The HydraFacial device performs a suction that dislodges impurities and delivers the serum deep into the pores by opening them up during the treatment.

Does it hurt?

It is truly a relaxing, feel-good experience which is never painful. It feels like a light massage.

Is there any downtime?

For me it was an instant gratification in 30 minutes with zero downtime! However, some people might experience slight tightness and redness for about an hour or so following the treatment.

How many treatments will I need and how often?

It depends on your skin condition and your concerns but the procedure brings the best results if you do it every 4-8 weeks.

How much does it cost?

Price will vary greatly depending on what city you are in, but it typically ranges from EUR 130 to EUR 180 per treatment. At Dr.Aesthetik® prices start at 99 Euro!













/Pictures by Skinnycature/

Location: Dr.Aesthetik® Beauty Institute Stuttgart

*In Collaboration with Dr.Aesthetik® Beauty Institute Stuttgart




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