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16. August 2018

Most moms spend their time thinking about everyone BUT themselves. And I am actually not a real exception. I think it has become our habit putting the needs of our fam ahead of our own. And there are some days when even the basic needs like eating well, fitness or a “mani” session become luxury and something we just don’t feel we have any time for.

Of course parenting requires more planing and energy. And you end up exhausted on some days. But I really don’t like the idea of women needing to become martyrs tho. Luckily society’s expectations are changing and you can spot mom’s fitness programs, kiddos-friendly beauty studios and shopping-mall kids playrooms here and there. And the point is – our kids learn from us. So we have to be better examples in self-care routine! And I feel that self-caring lifestyle makes me happy! And a happy mom is a good mom teaching her kid(dos) a healthy and happy life.

So if you can relate just start small treating yourself with good quality beauty products – like doing lil spa-session at home. It could be just short time-slots with less than an hour but still take your time!

Speaking about beauty products… They say, that with pregnancy your life changes forever. And now being a mom I must confess it’s absolutely true when it comes to the beauty essentials I use. I am more selective with the beauty brands and ingredients of the products. I did a lot of research and was really happy to find that there are some really amazing nontoxic beauty products on the market! I somehow missed to write about this topic before but better late than never as they say 😉

I tried out Annemarie Börlind products a couple of years ago and was really obsessed. So I used to apply them during my whole pregnancy. The brand was founded in ‘50s of the past century and has been making incredible skincare and beauty products ever since. They believe in beauty without compromise and all of their products are natural, nontoxic and certified.

Using this brand made my skin feel softer, more hydrated, plump and maybe even a lil bit tighter. Sooo no dull skin for a mom, lol!

My ladies, I hope I could encourage you a tiny bit with my writing (even if it got way tooo long today!) 😉 Just make sure to give you some “me-time” and check out Annemarie Börlind for a little at-home pampering.

Wish y’all an incredible week!






/Pictures by Skinnycature/

Location: Palermo, Italy

*In Collaboration with Annemarie Börlind


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