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19. February 2019

Hey guys, today I am back with the new beauty topic. I’ve already talked about some skin treatments before but today I decided to make some research on a whole new skin care topic- the Infrared Laser! The skincare market is always expanding. Many years ago, lasers first started being used for skincare. They started to rise in popularity by leaps and bounds beginning in the 1990s. With each passing year, laser technologies have improved so skincare experts could use them to perform more and more successful skin treatments. One of the most recent advancements has been the introductions of the infrared laser.

What Infrared Laser Treatments Can Do

Infrared lasers go by the name Titan laser treatments in some skincare circles. The treatment differs from more traditional laser treatments for tightening skin because it uses a completely different light spectrum. It has been developed for its effectiveness and noninvasive nature. The treatment is highly effective when tightening skin that has not reached the point where surgery is the only viable treatment option.

Infrared laser treatments work by targeting collagen. Collagen is somewhat like cellular glue. It is there to allow your skin cells to stick to each other. However, unlike most types of glue, collagen also has a certain level of elasticity. It makes your skin able to snap back into place when stretched. When you have aesthetic-lasers  the collagen is encouraged to contract because the lasers heat the water making up your skin cells. The act of contracting pulls your cells together, closing the gaps that form wrinkles. At the same time, more collagen is made by your body, making your cells better able to prevent later damage.

Parts of Your Body Where Infrared Skin Tightening May Work

The parts of your body you have treated with an infrared laser do not really matter. It can be used almost anywhere, including your underarms, thighs and stomach. What is important is to remember smaller areas with less severe skin sagging often respond best to treatment. You must also keep in mind your own results will be unique to you. They are not completely predictable, but your skincare clinician should be able to provide you with fairly accurate projected outcome information.

The Infrared Laser Skin Tightening Consultation

You have to prepare before you agree to try infrared laser skin tightening. The only way to make absolutely sure it is right for you is to discuss it with your clinician. He or she should be able to answer all of your questions clearly. If questions go unanswered, seek another clinic. When you find a clinician you can trust, you must give him or her your complete medical history. The medical history and skin assessment are essential to determine your candidacy for the procedure. If there is anything in your medical background to suggest the procedure may not work well for you, your clinician will explain and suggest other skin tightening methods for you to try.

Preparing for Your Infrared Laser Appointment

Preparation for infrared laser skin tightening begins well before your appointment date. Your clinician will give you strict instructions to follow. For example, you may be told not to drink alcohol for a certain length of time before the procedure. There are also certain medications you must avoid leading up to treatment. Your clinician will give you a list. Additionally, he or she may suggest certain optional steps to maximize your results. For example, if you currently smoke, you may be told quitting is the only way to ensure infrared laser skin tightening success.

Has someboby already tried the Inrared Laser? If yes just let me know or comment what do you think about it!


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