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26. December 2018

Hey guys, hope you are all doing great! I am back on track with a new beauty topic on the channel! I know it may probably sounds weird, but the first thing I always pay attention to first when I meet a new person is his/her teeth and smile. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I always go for whiter, brighter teeth myself. I’ve already tried some solutions for home whitening certified for Germany along with professional stains remove at my dentist. As for the home whitening kits – I must say none of them have necessarily been solutions that I’ve kept. Somehow they appeared to be very time consuming or didn’t really show any good result.

Honestly I was pretty happy the US company Smile Brilliant reached out to me one day to see if I’d like to try their customized teeth whitening system! And as they promised amazing results and consistency – which is basically the key to maintaining your white smile – this test was high on my priority list! Basically Smile Brilliant set take the stains off your teeth chemically with special bleach gel deployed in trays. But what makes the difference?! First everything is customized and you are always guided by excellent instructions and can count on best support.

What you receive in the set:

  • A kit for making impressions (later customized whitening trays made in a lab and delivered to your door)
  • Best step-by-step instructions incl. Pictures and Do’s & Don’ts
  • Whitening Gel
  • Sensitivity gel for after each use


Preparing my impressions:

This was easy as that because Smile Brilliant provides you with very specific instructions for each step. In the set you receive three sets of catalyst and base paste. You have to mix them up and form a bright blue paste, insert it in the molds from the set and make your impressions. Once they are ready you have to send them back to Smile Brilliant. Very soon you’ll get your professional customized trays! Don’t worry in case something went wrong the Smile Brilliant lab will contact you.

Whitening process:

You just have to insert a small amount of whitening gel into your trays and whiten from 45 to several hours. Then to reduce the sensitivity you have to use included desensitizing gel. But please note it is very important to fill the trays with a small amount of gel and fit them onto your teeth. It helps to put Vaseline on your lips and gums to protect them from dripping gel, and to use a Q-tip to remove the extra gel from your gums. This avoids irritations!





On this picture you can see my before and after. Of course my teeth weren’t yellow or looked bad to begin with, however, they look several shades brighter now! Isn’t it great?

Lena Before-After stacked small

Final thoughts:

If you’re thinking of buying a teeth whitening kit this is one you definitely have to try as it does the best job! What you get is:

  • Customized trays -> little to no gum irritation (I haven’t seen this on the market before)
  • The system is easy to use
  • Long-term most professional results
  • Noticeable whitening even after first treatments

Great News:

You guys have a chance to get your system 15% off with coupon code: skinnycature15. Or just enter my giveaway for a $149 Smile Brilliant credit!!! Here are the details:

Giveaway link ->

Guys, I really enjoyed brightening up your day with this review – smile on.

*In Collaboration with Smile Brilliant

Professional Teeth Whitening



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